System Components

To support the mechanism of the CALSITHERM climate board, we have developed special diffusion open and capillary active system components. Using these components together with the CALSITHERM climate board and the Xtra Climate Board enables their secure application and sustainable use. The system components ensure a visually appealing internal insulation and long-lasting support in preventing mould infestation and condensation. Datasheets and processing instructions are available for each component.

KP-Kleber - Adhesive mortar

CALSITHERM KP-Kleber is a high-quality, diffusion open and capillary active adhesive mortar. It is specially made for the highly absorbent climate board and is easy to work with. KP-Kleber can be used on all mineral, plaster-compatible wall building materials such as masonry with hydraulically hardening binding agents and on load-bearing, non-gypsum plaster.

KP-Tiefengrund - Deep primer

CALSITHERM KP-Tiefengrund is a deep primer based on a bluish acrylate dispersion that is both solvent-free and alkali-resistant. The diffusion open bonding agent binds dust and reduces the absorbing capacity of the climate board near the surface a little so that the mixing water of the plastering and puttying compounds is not extracted too quickly. Furthermore, KP-Tiefengrund can be used for pre-treatment of existing plasters. In lightly sanded bases, the treated surface is solidified.

KP-Kalkglätte - smoothing compound and KP-Innenputz - Plaster

These lime-based products are compatible with each other and also suitable for wet rooms. They provide a diffusion open and capillary-active coating that ideally complements the climate board system. Depending on your requirements, a smooth surface (using CALSITHERM KP-Kalkglätte) or a textured surface (using CALSITHERM KP-Innenputz) can be achieved. We recommend the use of the reinforcement mesh, CALSITHERM KP-Gewebe, for reinforcement as well as mineral bound interior wall paints on silicate base according to DIN 18363, paragraph 2.4.1. Alternatively, lime, clay and chalk paints can be used. Self-adhesive and water-activated decorative fabrics that require no further application of adhesive are also possible.

KP-Ausgleichputz - Levelling Plaster

The CALSITHERM KP-Ausgleichsputz is a mineral lime-trass cement plaster that can be applied in single or multiple layers. It is used as a concealed plaster on various masonry such as sand-lime bricks, clay bricks or perforated bricks as well as concrete surfaces. The KP-Ausgleichsputz levelling plaster is also suitable for wet rooms

  • KP-Kleber - Adhesive mortar
  • KP-Kleber - Adhesive mortar
  • KP-Tiefengrund - Deep primer
  • KP-Kalkglätte - Smooth plaster
  • KP-Innenputz - Rough plaster
  • KP-Ausgleichsputz - Levelling plaster
  • KP-Fugenband - Joint tape
  • KP-Gewebe - Reinforcement mesh

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