Xtra Climate Board

For even more exacting demands on energy-efficient renovation, we offer you the perfect solution: The CALSITHERM climate board Xtra. This further development of our classic Climate Board is even more efficient, because an insulation material is processed in its core. The Climate Board Xtra is a hybrid insulation material, which combines the moisture-regulating calcium silicate with a high-performance insulation material such as polyurethane PU or foam glass (SG).

Whether as bespoke solution or for apartment buildings, these efficient mould-prevention materials have already convinced many property owners. After all, the protection of buildings against mould growth is one of the most important measures that sustain the value of buildings and also ensures a healthy, comfortable living environment and therefore keeps tenants satisfied.

The Xtra climate board has significantly improved thermal insulation values arising from the combination with the integrated high-performance insulation materials. Thus, the CALSITHERM Xtra climate board fulfils the stringent heat protection requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) even better.

In the Xtra climate board, we combine a more reliable moisture management with economical insulation material thickness, thereby creating an effective internal insulation system. The capillary-active internal insulation in the CALSITHERM Xtra climate board ensures high-quality, energy rehabilitation of the external walls. In order for the moisture-regulating internal insulation system to function sustainably, a thorough preparation of the base and assessment of the façade is necessary. Penetrating wetness due to driving rain or rising damp must be prevented through suitable measures.

The Xtra climate board can be combined in sections as well as only in part with the classic climate board in one plane. To achieve a long-term, uninterrupted principle of operation, the new board is processed with the same components as the proven CALSITHERM climate board.

Excellent Sandwich

Even the jury of the Architecture and Civil Engineering Innovation Prize took notice of our Xtra Climate Board. The Xtra climate board premièred at the Deubau in Essen, Germany, in 2012 and was awarded a "Special Distinction" as a product of high architectural quality.

  • Highly thermal insulating
  • Capillary active
  • Diffusible
  • Mould inhibiting
  • Dimensionally stable

Working principle of Xtra Climate Board

The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor climate causes ingress of water vapour into the structure. Due to the diffusion inhibiting structure of the core insulation material, the ingress of moisture from the inside is reduced to a minimum.

The necessary moisture exchange between the individual layers enable the capillary active calcium silicate structures. Condensation water accumulating in the building structure is absorbed by the full-surface calcium silicate layer and transported through its structures to the surface. From here, the moisture is released back into the air in the room.

The short-term moisture absorption (for instance, after showering) functions just as effectively as the classic Climate Board. The interior calcium silicate layer compensates for the temporarily high humidity in the room air, thus achieving the comfort that the CALSITHERM climate board is so well known for.


Suitable bases are, for instance, stable and flat lime or lime-cement plasters. Wallpaper, paint, gypsum coatings and loose constituents as well as mould infestation should be removed properly. Construction defects and penetrating moisture (e.g. rising damp or driving rain) should be eliminated through suitable measures. Absorbent surfaces must be pre-wetted or primed. A decoupling from the adjacent structural elements such as floors, ceilings and windows must be provided for. Unevenness on the surface must be levelled out before gluing. If necessary, a surface levelling plaster, preferably KP-Ausgleichsputz, should be applied. Moisture-sensitive components such as wood must be removed from the base.


The Xtra Climate Board can be cut to the desired size using a rip saw, a pendulum action jigsaw or a circular saw. The cut edges should be smoothed using a fine rasp. When cutting the boards indoors, appropriate dust protection measures should be taken.


Xtra Climate Boards are glued using the adhesive KP-Kleber, without any gaps and over the entire surface. The freshly mixed adhesive is combed horizontally and for only one board at a time on the wall using the KP notched trowel (≥ 10 mm toothing). A careful vertical and horizontal execution of the bottom row of boards is important in this work process. The first Xtra Climate Board is placed in the fresh adhesive bed, moved diagonally and moved back again. The butt joints are laid close together without adhesive. For this purpose, the following Xtra climate boards are laid as described earlier. Any rising board butt joints should be smoothed using the smooth plaster KP-Kalkglätte. Reveal boards cover the front face of the surface insulation. The boards should be laid in a composite and cross joints should be avoided. The backside can be pre-wetted, if required. An edge protection must be provided at room corners.


Calsitherm Xtra Climate Boards are already sanded and primed at the factory. Depending on the desired texture, the surface can be coated with a rough (slightly grainy) plaster KP Innenputz, or a smooth plaster KP-Kalkglätte. For a crack-free surface, the application of the reinforcement mesh KP-Gewebe is recommended. The use of any wallpaper and paste is not recommended, as it significantly reduces the permeability and capillary action of the Xtra climate board system.

Technical Data Xtra Climate Board PU:

Dimensions:625 x 445 mm
Thickness:50, 80 mm
Thermal conductivity Xtra PU 50 mm0,034 W/(m∙K)
Thermal conductivity PU 80 mm0,031 W/(m∙K)

Technical Data Xtra Climate Board SG

Dimensions:620 x 450 mm
Thickness:60, 80 mm
Thermal conductivity Xtra SG 60 mm0,045 W/(m∙K)
Thermal conductivity Xtra SG 80 mm0,043 W/(m∙K)

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