Fire Protection Boards

SILCA fire protection boards are homogeneous insulating boards based on porous, lightweight calcium silicate. They are available in large sizes, are dimensionally stable and self-supporting. For example, the SILCA T300 is an approved fire protection board for interior work on ships. Apart from this, our light-weight fire protection boards have proven themselves in many other applications such as...

  • Fire protection doors
  • Fire protection gates
  • Safety lockers
  • Fire protection containers

SILCAPROTECT is a medium weight fire protection board based on calcium silica hydrate with special additives. Possible applications of this formulation can be found in...

  • Ventilation ducts
  • Gas flue shafts
  • Fire dampers
  • Wall ducts
  • Doors
  • Gates
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • IT safety cabinets
  • Safes

For load bearing fire protection structures we recommend our SILCAPAN 845.

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